The Servants Of Indian Society -All About

Introduction :

# The Servants of India Society was formed in pune on June 12, 1905 by Gopal Krishna Gokhale . He was helped by Natesh Appaji Dravid, Gopal Krishna Deodhar and Anant Patwardhan.

Aim Of The Society :

#The main aim of society was to unite and train Indians of different ethnic communities  and religions in welfare work. All of the members of this society aims  to promote social and human development and overthrow the British rule in India

#Members go through a five-year training period and agree to serve on extremely modest salaries. In 1915 Gokhale was succeeded as president by srinivasa shastri(1869–1946).

Functions Of Society :

# It was called as the  first secular organization in the country to devote itself to the underprivileged, rural and tribal people, emergency relief work, the increase of literacy, and other social causes.

#The Society organized many campaigns to promote education, sanitation, health care and fight the social evils of untouchability and discrimination, alcoholism, poverty, oppression of women and domestic abuse.

# In the field of famine relief, union organisation, cooperatives and uplift of tribals and  depressed, the Society did commendable work.

#The society had branches in Madras, Mum Bombay, Allahabad and Nagpur.

Journal Of The Society :

The publication of The Hitavada, the organ of the Society in English from Nagpur commenced in 1911.

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