Revolutionary movements – part 7


  • In the first half of the 20th century, revolutionary groups sprang up mainly in Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab and Madras.
  • The revolutionaries were not satisfied with the methods of both the moderates and extremists.
  • Hence, they started many revolutionary secret organizations.
  • In Bengal Anusilan Samiti and Jugantar were established.
  • In Maharashtra Savarkar brothers had set up Abhinava Bharat.
  • In the Madras Presidency, Bharathmatha Association was started by Nilakanta Bramachari.
  • In Punjab Ajit Singh set up a secret to spread revolutionary ideas among the youth.
  • In London, at India house, Shyamji Krishna Verma gathered young Indian nationalists like Madras Lal Dhingra, Savarkar, V.V.S.Iyer ans T.S.S.Rajan.
  • Lal Hardyal set up the ‘Ghadar Party’ in USA to organize revolutionary activities from ouside India.

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