MALNUTRITION – Govt Intervention – PDS – Detailed analysis

Government provides people with basic food items and necessities at subsidised price through Public  Distribution System(PDS)



1940 – Bengal Famine

1962 – Chinese war…food subsidy

1970 – universal through Fair Price Shops[FPS]

1992 – Revamped PDS

1997 – Targeted PDS

PDS Mechanism

Farmers [Production of foodgtrains]–> Central govt [aquired at MSP] –>FCI godown[Storage] –>[wholesale] –>State –> [wholesale] –>Fair Price Shops –>[retail sale] –>Consumers

Critical analysis PDS 

1)Procurement phase

#skewd production : change in croping pattern due to PDS, water intensive rice and wheat is cultivated

eg : Kavery water issue

#Low quality of produce

2)Storage phase

#Food grains are stored in godowns for longer duration

#results in watage


#Leakage during transport

#Diversion of trucks


#Exclusion errors


#Black marketing

Reformation of PDS

1)Making MSP more inclusive

2)Infrastructure development

3)Improve storage infrastructure in FCI godowns

4)GPS enabled trucks

5)Computerisation in FPS

6)Biometrically Authenticated Personal Updates(BAPU) facility : eg – Krishna district case study

7)Digitisation of ration cards

8)Grievance redressal mechanism

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