Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) –All About CERT-IN

Introduction :

# Indian Computer Emergency Response Team formed in 2004  is the National nodal agency for responding computer security related incidents .

# It works under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology .

# Cert-in prevents cyber attack ,respond to cyber attack and minimize its damage and thus reducing National Vulnerability to Cyber Space.It also provides cyber security awareness among Indian Citizens.

Functions Of CERT-In :

#Information Technology Amendment Act 2008 designated Cert-in to serve as a nodal agency and provides certain functions .The functions are as follows 

1.To collect and analyse the information about cyber incidents.

2.To forecast and alert the cyber security incidents.

3.To provide emergency measures for handling cyber security incidents.

4.Issuing guidelines,procedures in preventing ,protecting and reporting cyber incidents.

5.It also issues white paper relating to security incident in the country.


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