What is Foreign policy ?

Foreign policy refers to the general guidelines that a country follows in establishing and conducting relations with other countries. It brings in predictability in foreign relations and builds trust between two nations

What is the need of a Foreign Policy ?

To pursue national interest

Factors influencing India’s Foreign Policy:


1)Geographic location:

  • India is located between Middle-east, South-East Asia and far East.
  • It is present close to one of the busiest trade routes in the world.
  • It shares most of its land boundaries with hostile neighbours.
  • The increasing presence of China in the Indian Ocean is a source of major concern.


  • India has a huge population who need to be provided with basic amenities and employment opportunities.
  • India also ensure the well being of its Non Resident Indians abroad.

3)Economic Concerns

  • India is in dire need of foreign investments. Over the years it has liberalised its economy to incentivise foreign investments.


  • India aims to become a major global player in the future.
  • It has been trying to join the UNSC as a permanent member.

5)Security and Defence

  • Terrorism from hostile neighbours has been a major concern.
  • Home grown terrorists use neighbouring countries as a hide out.
  • India has signed land boundary agreements to strengthen border defence .


  • Since ancient times India’s Foreign Policy has been guided by values like peace and non violence.
  • This was the basis for India’s Non Aligned Movement.


8)Nature of Leadership



1)International scenario

  • Cold war period
  • 9/11 insatance in US

2)International Institutions 

  • World Trade Organisation , IMF, World Bank etc

3)Interantional Issues

  • Terrorism – Syria issues , Afganistan issues etc
  • Human Righta violations 


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