India – Myanmar Relationship

India’s relationship with its neighbourhood are multidimensional and interactive. Shared civilisational heritage is reflected through cultural activitie

History of Relationship

1951 : ordial relationship

1962 : Military coup and and regime in Myanmar . During this time India was not ready to engage with Myanmar

1988 : Massive student led protest againt military rule. The movement was supported this movement (But this protest in Myanmar was a failure )India began engagement through diplomatic engagement with Military rule..That is this shift was from Idealism to Pragmatism

2015 : Election in Myanmar. National league of Democracy.

  • Democratic transition of Myanmar..This was not complete .Around 25% seat in Parliament reserved for military.Military still controls the defence and home affairs

During 1962 Myanmar drifted towards China

Why Myanmar ?

1)Insurgency :

-> Free movement regime (FMR) :

  • A unique mechanism in place between India and Myanmar border which permits people to move along border without Visa..
  • It is the free movement along both borders for 16 km on either side
  • The FMR help to continue the age old ties of tribes..But it has been a breeding ground for extremism

2)Golden Triangle : Engagement between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand to tackle drug trafficking..

3)Mynmar is the only ASIAN member which shares border with India. Therefore has a critical role for connectivity between India and South East Asia

4) Mynmar also important for India’s success in Multilateral diplomacy such as MEKONG GANGA COOPERATION (MGC), BIMSTEC etc

5)Energy Security : GAIL and OVL(ONGC Videsh Lmited) investments in Mynmar

6) Mynmar is also important for minerals – Shah Pateau



* Border trade agreement : To increase the trade between India and Mynmar

*Both GAIL and OVL(ONGC Videsh Lmited) investments in Mynmar

*Power sharing agreement

*Line of Credit and ITEC (Indian Techno Economic Cooperation) : Industrial training, capacity building, skill development , entrepreneurship development etc


*India-Myanmar –Thailand trilateral highway and India plans to extent this highway to Vietnam inder MGC

-> It extends from Moreh in India to Mae Sot in Thailand via Mandalay, Myanmar

*Kaladan Mulitinodel Project : 

The project will connect the seaport of Kolkata with Sittwe seaport in Myanmar by sea; it will then link Sittwe seaport to Lashio in Myanmar via Kaladan river boat route & then from Lashio on to Mizoram in India by road transport.

  • Will reduce distance from Kolkata to Mizoram by approximately 1000 km and cut travelling time to 3-4 days for transport of goods.
  • Necessary in case of any conflict with China as present route i.e. chicken neck could be blocked by China in conflict situation.
  • The access to the sea that the project provides its Northeastern states could boost their economies.
  • It would strengthen India’s trade and transport links with Southeast Asia.
  • It will be instrumental for “act-east policy”

3)Cultural Cooperation

*Civilisational neighbor

*5B  : Budhism, Bollywood, Bharathanatyam, Barmatek and Business

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