Arab and Turkish Invasions

Prophet Mohammed

  • Founder of Islam
  • the Prophet Muhammad preached the worship of a single God, Allah.
  • Muhammad was an Arab by language and culture and a merchant by profession.
  • Around 612, Muhammad declared himself to be the messenger (rasul) of God who had been commanded to preach that Allah alone should be worshiped.
  • In a short space of time, Muhammad was able to unite a large part of Arabia under a new faith, community and state .
  • Sixth-century Arab culture was largely confined to the Arabian Peninsula and areas of southern Syria and Mesopotamia.
  • Its first converts were Arabs.
  • The Arabs made Islam a powerful force in the politics of Asia.
  • The Persians strengthened Islam.
  • The Turks extended both towards East and West.

Muhammad- bin- Qasim

  • Sent by Al-hajjaj ,the governor of Iraq to conquer Sind under Caliph Walid .
  • He marched against Dahir ,the ruler of Sind .
  • In the Battle of Rewar ,he defeated Dahir and captured Sind.
  • He also captured Multan and got so much wealth from Multan.
  • So he called Multan as “City Of Gold”
  • New caliph Sulaiman dismissed Muhammad- bin- Qasim
  • Gradually Arabs power declined and lost Sind and Multan.

Effects of Arab Conquest

  • Coming of Islam into India.
  • Arabs learnt Indian Astronomy ,paintings ,music etc .

We will see the Turkish invasion in next chapter…….

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