Indus River System

Indus River System Fig : Indus RiverĀ  The Indus basin extends overĀ  China (Tibet), India, Afghanistan and Pakistan . It drains an area of 11,65,500 In India, the basin spreads over... Read more »

Ganga River System

Ganga River System River Description It Originates from the Gangotri glacier of western Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand. It flows through India and Bangladesh and then reaches Bay Of Bengal. The... Read more »

Brahmaputra River System.

Brahmaputra River System. River Description The river originates from Kanglung Kang Glacier near the Kailash range of Himalayas located in the south western part of the Tibetan plateau near Konggyu Tso Lake.... Read more »

Mahanadi River System

Mahanadi River System : Description : Mahanadi River covers about 4.3% total geographical area of the country. It is bounded on the north by central India hills , on the south and... Read more »

Godavari River System And Its Tributaries!! Explained !!

Godavari River Source : Godavari river rises from Trimbakeshwar in the Nasik District of Maharashtra at an elevation of 1,067m. Godavari River Mouth : Godavari ends at Bay Of Bengal in East... Read more »

Krishna River System And Its Tributaries !! Explained !!

Krishna River Source : # Krishna river originates in Mahabaleshwar,near Jor village of Satara District of Maharashtra at an altitude of 1,337m in Western Ghats. Krishna River Mouth : # Krishna river... Read more »

Cauvery River System With Tributaries ! Explained !!

Cauvery River Source : The Cauvery river originates at an elevation of 1,341m at Talakaveri on the Brahmagiri range near Cherangala village of Kodagu District ,Karnataka. Cauvery River Mouth : The Cauvery... Read more »