UPSC prelims question paper 2019 -FUll GS

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Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks

Introduction : 1.The Indian Patents and Designs Act, 1911, (Act II of 1911) replaced all the previous Acts of patents in India.This Act brought patent administration under the management of Controller of... Read more »

India – Bangladesh Relationship – Continue

Other Cooperation #Land Boundary Agreement(LBA) Brief History Attempts have been made to arrive at a comprehensive settlement of the land boundary between India and Bangladesh (the erstwhile East Pakistan) since 1947. The... Read more »

India – Bangladesh Relationship – Continue

Why Bangladesh is important to North East States of India ? Ports – The nearest port for the Northeast is Kolkata. Kolkata is 1500 km from Aizawl and Agartala. Not just the... Read more »


History of Relationship 1971 : Mukti Bakini (The Mukti Bahini, also known as the Bangladesh Forces, was the guerrilla resistance movement formed by the Bangladeshi military, paramilitary and civilians during the War... Read more »


History of Relationship =>In the initial days India followed a “buffer strategy” with Bhutan 1947 : India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty – According to this treaty India was mandated to guide Bhutan’s Foreign policy... Read more »


The major reason why India do not had meaningful relationship was lack of connectivity. History of Relationship 1979 – Soviet invasion of Afganistan 1992- Soviet Withdrew,,this resulted into weak mujahidin rule in... Read more »

India – Myanmar relationship – continue

Issues 1)China – Myanmar Cooperation This engagement extends between 1962 – 1992 [This is when sanctions from the west was on Myanamar] Why China involves in Myanmar ? China seeks to use... Read more »

India – Myanmar Relationship

India’s relationship with its neighbourhood are multidimensional and interactive. Shared civilisational heritage is reflected through cultural activitie History of Relationship 1951 : ordial relationship 1962 : Military coup and and regime in... Read more »

India-China Relations- part 4

Cooperation 1)Economic Both India and China are aspiring for democratising international finantial institutions – eg : AIIB, NDB are initiatives agaist WORLD BANK, IMF etc Five year trade or economic development plan... Read more »