HAMR(harvard’s Ambulatory MicroRobot) Swimming Robot .


An Upgraded Version of HAMR,a MicroRobot will soon swim and walk underwater. HAMR ,a smallest ,fastest Legged Robots developed by Rob Wood’s Micro Robotics Lab will see a swimming version soon.Compared to other legged Robots ,this Micro Robot is pretty fast and more than twice those typically seen at the small scale in Biology.

How will it Swim And Walk In Under Water ???????

—> HAMR with its previous ability with walk on land , now its upgrade ability to walk and swim on water is a new step in technology development .

—-> The HAMR foot pads use Surface tension and Buoyancy to float on water .

—-> Its Electrowetting* property helps it break through the water and walk on the ground at the bottom of water.

—-> Its small size and very less weight ie 1.65gram only allows it to stay and walk under the water.

—-> If the MicroRobot wants to return to land from water,it overcomes the surface tension with a stiffened transmission and soft pads that redistribute the friction while it climbs out of the water.

Future Applications Of Such Robots :

# Oil And Gas Mapping and its exploration at Sea Floors.

# study the lake,ocean and sea floors .

# Air crash Investigations in underwater.

# Military applications etc.

* Electrowetting :

The Principle in which an object reduces contact angle between a material and a water surface under a applied voltage.

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