Test -1 – ( Question from 6th Std Samacheer )

Click the below link to get the Questions Subjects covered  வரலாறு என்றால் என்ன?  ( HISTORY) பேரண்டமும் மற்றும் சூரியக் குடும்பமும் ( GEOGRAPHY ) பன்முகத் தன்மையினை அறிவோம் ( POLITY ) தாவரங்கள் வாழும் உலகம் (... Read more »

Foundation Course – 2021

Click the Below link to get the full details of Foundation Course of Vamuskar IAS Academy. FOUNDATION COURSE 2021 Read more »

Tnpsc group 2/2a 2021 model exam – Tamilnadu e Governance

1. Consider the following statements about Arasu Cable TV Corporation . 1. Arasu Cable TV Corporation was incorporated on  2003 with the objective of providing high quality cable TV signals to the... Read more »

Model Question 2 – Tnpsc Group 2/2a – Ancient History

1. Who among the following was contemporary to Mahavira ? 1. Makkali Gosala 2. Gautama Buddha 3. Ajathasatru A. 1 and 2 only correct B. 2 and 3 only correct C. 1... Read more »

Tnpsc group 2/2a 2021 model exam – Indian Economy

TNPSC GROUP 2 MODEL QUESTION 1 INDIAN ECONOMY     Answers are updated in you tube video and link is shared at the end of the questions. 1. Which among the following... Read more »


FOUNDATION COURSE 2021 Read more »

Model Question Paper For Group 2/2A Exams 2021 – Vamuskar IAS Academy

Click Here To Download Model Question Paper For 2021 group 2 exams. Model Question Paper For Group exams Join Vamuskar IAS Academy Main Road Tenkasi – Ambai Road Mathalamparai, Tenkasi Dist, Tamil... Read more »