Arab and Turkish Invasions

Turkish Invasions The Turks got the upper hand over the caliph of Baghdad in the 8th and 9th centuries. They were more aggressive than Arabs. They extended their dominion beyond Sind and... Read more »

Arab and Turkish Invasions

Prophet Mohammed Founder of Islam the Prophet Muhammad preached the worship of a single God, Allah. Muhammad was an Arab by language and culture and a merchant by profession. Around 612, Muhammad... Read more »

Chunar Fort

# Located at Mirzapur District,on the banks of River Ganga. # Chunar Town is located in the Vindhyan Ranges. # Chunar Fort was established by Maharaja Vikramaditya,in the honour of the stay... Read more »

Bathinda Fort

# Bathinda Fort was constructed by Raja Dab in 90 -110 AD. # The bricks used to construct Bathinda fort was date back to Kanishka Period. # It is said that, the... Read more »