Why Public Credit Registry Is Very Important To Tackle NPA’s ? -All About Public Credit Registry-Explained!

Definition Of Public Credit Registry(PCR): #A public credit registry will be formed as information store house where all loan information of individuals and corporate borrowers are stored . #The registry will have... Read more »

Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code And ¬†Insolvency And Bankruptcy Board Of India …Explained !!!

Why Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code Needed??? Before going into the topic lets look the difference between Insolvency and Bankruptcy ………. Insolvency Meaning : Unable to pay the debts.Insolvency is a situation where... Read more »

NPA/ Restructured Loans/ Written Off Assets / Stressed Assets !!! Explained !!

Non Performing Assets : Assets of Banks are Loans and advances given to customer. If those Loans and advances are not return back to Bank ,they are termed as Non Performing Assets.... Read more »